About Us

Hi, I’m Amy Friedman, representing the AF in GoodAFBakedGoods. Glad to make your virtual acquaintance.

I come from good New England stock, just like a classic recipe for “wicked good” Clam Chowder. Having grown up on the ‘right coast’ of the country, I was curious about the ‘left coast’.  In 2012 I decided to pack my car with all of my belongings, stack it on a car carrier, purchase a 1 way ticket to Seattle, and venture off to the West Coast.   

Fast forward 8 years later and I am a Seattle home owner, who loves and embraces the PNW culture. I love all things nature including hiking, kayaking and the challenge of a good long distance run.

The past 4 years of my professional career I was a Product Developer for a large food & beverage company, specializing in blending and perfecting flavors of new products.  Having professionally developed sensory tasting skills, I have gained an excellent understanding of how to layer and compliment flavors in the food world.  Not long after starting my career in tea and developing my first tea blend, People’s Magazine awarded my tea for being Best Tea of 2019 in their featured article People Food Awards 2019.  This gave me the confidence to continue exploring flavor concepts and ideas.  My love for baking and expertise in combining flavors provided a natural progression to the concept of a small batch bakery. And it should not surprise you that I have incorporated a lot of those new product ideas into my menu assortment.  And thus, GoodAFBakedGoods was born!  

Just as my spirit of adventure brought me to Seattle, it continues as I explore interesting destinations all over the world, including my most recent trip to The Galapagos Islands and Colombia. I’ve always been drawn to finding the perfect marriage between culture and food and a highlight to every adventure has always been experiencing local cuisine.

I hope that YOU enjoy experiencing the GoodAFBakedGoods flavors and look forward to meeting you at future events here in Seattle. 

Knowing flavors and having strong sensory tasting skills
        Best Tea of 2019!